Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Gifts for New Teachers

“The exception to [not giving large gifts] though, is for new teachers. These young pups make crap for money and the PTA (bless their hearts) can’t possibly provide a big enough classroom budget for them to buy all the supplies and ”extras” (that’s sarcasm) they need. So if you want to give your teacher a valuable gift, ask her/him what s/he really needs for the classroom and spring for it. I’m talking heavy duty pencil sharpeners, gift certificate to STAR Teacher’s supply on San Pablo Ave., art supplies from East Bay Depot or gift card to an art store, a local book store (Pegasus and Black Oak being my favorites). Things like this become theirs, not the school’s, and they can bring them from grade to grade, school to school, as they will have to do until they have enough seniority to stay somewhere for a while.”       ~Teacher in California

So that’s the upshot — be as generous as you can to the new teachers!!! An Old Teacher Who Once Was New

New teachers might appreciate a different kind of gift than experienced veterans. Of course this varies from teacher to teacher, but at risk of over-generalizing, new teachers tend to be more interested in developing their careers, and may be more likely to keep homemade gifts than more experienced teachers.

Of course new teachers are also generally younger, and that will affect their interests. For example, a younger teacher might prefer a trip to the spa, a unique experience, and anything that will help them in their professional development (books, supplies, etc.). On the other hand, those home-baked brownies might be less welcome for the young teacher on a diet, and that “#1 Teacher” broach — well, she probably won’t even know how to wear it.

Most importantly, keep in mind the advice I gave on choosing a gift for teachers — the best gifts combine something personal and thoughtful, like a handmade card, a heartfelt note, a craft made by your child, etc. with something practical and useful, like gift cards, school supplies, or other consumables. Whether a gift for new teachers or old, following this recipe will ensure your gift is appreciated and cherished.

Some Suggestions for Gifts for New Teachers:

  • Reluctant DisciplinarianBook: Reluctant Disciplinarian
    For some reason new teachers are always the most reluctant disciplinarians– I know I certainly was. To help them find the right balance in an unruly classroom, consider this book as a great gift for new teachers!
  • Creative TeacherBook: The Creative Teacher
    These are the kinds of lessons that any new teacher can put to use– a gift that’s both appreciated and beneficial for her students!
  • First Year TeacherBook: First Year Teacher Survival Guide
    I would get this as a gift for any friends who go into teaching — and you should too!
  • Teacher Water BottleTeacher’s Water Bottle
    Everyone likes these cool stylish water bottles — they are hip and environmentally friendly, just like new teachers!
  • Teacher AnswersBook: 101 Answers for New Teachers
    Because even teachers need the answer sometimes! Great christmas gift for a new teacher.
  • Enjoy Free Shipping & Free Gift Box on any SpaFinder Gift Certificate over $50! Ends 11.30.09Give the gift of spa! Shop SpaFinder.com
    A visit to the spa is appreciated by nearly all women I know, but is a particularly good gift for younger female teachers.
  • New Teacher BookBook: 101 Answers for New Teachers
    Everything a new teacher needs.
  • Choose Your Own Experience - $50 - NationwideExperience Day
    Here’s a unique gift that definitely won’t be taking up space in the back of the closet: Experience Days from Great American Days allow you to treat a teacher to something that they otherwise might not be able to try: a day at the spa, a surfing lesson, cooking lessons, etc. There’s something for everyone, from Great White Shark diving to Biplane Flights. A day of adventure makes a great gift for new teachers.
  • Truth about TeachingBook: The Truth About Teaching
    Finally, someone spills the beans and admits what teaching is really like!
  • Citrus Spa Pampering KitCitrus Spa Pampering Kit
    What teacher couldn’t use a little pampering from time to time? Great gift for Teacher Appreciation Week!
  • Save up to 40% on Office Supplies - PlasticJungleGift Cards for Less than Face Value!
    Gift cards are always the most-requested gift from all of the teachers I spoke with — both new teachers and experienced veterans. Consider buying your Gift Cards from Plastic Jungle — you’ll pay less, and they’ll ship it to you for free!
  • Teach Like Hair on FireBook: Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire
    New teachers can always use something to help them with their teaching, and this story of inspiring teacher Rafe Esquith is both motivation and practical lessons any teacher can use.

New Teachers, What Gifts Would You Like This Year?

If you are a new teacher, please take this opportunity to tell us what gifts you would like to receive. You can leave a comment in the box below, and I’ll make sure to add your comments to the site, where it can benefit new teachers everywhere. Thank you!

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April 27, 2010

New teachers certainly have their hands full when they first get started! These items should help.