Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers 2012

I still remember when I was a kid, how my teacher’s desk would fill up just before the Holiday break every year with presents from us students. Some gifts would be standard—a tin of holiday themed cookies or a gift certificate to Office Depot, while others stood out as unique, made the teacher smile even bigger—even if not on purpose! While in College, I worked in elementary school classrooms tutoring kids and being a teacher’s aid, and once again I saw those same stacks pilling up around the Holiday Season. It’s culturally appropriate and polite to get your teacher a Holiday gift, not that any good teacher will hold it against you if you don’t, but why skip out on recognizing such an important figure in your child’s life?  With any one of these 7 best Christmas gift ideas for teachers 2012, you are sure to give your teacher the proper thanks they deserve.

1. Teacher’s Charm Bracelet 

Get your teacher a gift that not only she will enjoy, but also her students will like looking at for years to come. This bangle will dangle from any wrist and look great, plus it couldn’t be more appropriate with so many teacher related charms!



2. Teacher Appreciation Frame 


If your kids attend a private school with a religious emphasis, this plaque couldn’t be more perfect. With a built in easel it allows teachers to decorate their classroom with this warm gift of appreciation all year long. I say it’s perfect for a teacher at a religious school because it does have a Bible verse located at the bottom. “And I will teach you the way that is good and right.” 






3. “You Can’t Scare Me I am a Teacher” T-Shirt 

No teacher will be able to resist their laughter when they see this shirt in their bundle of gifts! The saying, “You Can’t Scare Me I am a Teacher,” will ring so true, working closely with youth on a daily basis gives teachers a very different and rather hip perspective on the younger generations, preparing them for all that life throws their way. This shirt comes in a number of colors so regardless if your child’s teacher is a male or female, into bright colors or basic browns and blacks, there is a shirt that will perfectly fit their specific personality.


4. Starbucks Gift Card

Ask your child if their teacher ever comes to class with Starbucks, or some other coffee mug, in hand; they more than likely do! After working in multiple elementary school classrooms last year I am very familiar with how much teachers depend on their Starbucks to get through the day. Yet, let’s face it—teachers are largely underpaid and Starbucks treats quickly add up! Help your teacher be prepared for school everyday with a Starbucks Gift Card; the amount of money on the card is completely up to you and your budget! Although I guarantee amounts as low as $10 will be greatly appreciated.



5. Dry Erase Markers For Classroom

Another thing I quickly learned working in classrooms is how limited supplies are, the kids were constantly fighting over dry erase markers—half of which hardly worked! Any teacher with a passion for making learning more accessible to their students will greatly appreciate a gift that helps make that goal a reality. With a shortage in school funding, teachers are often stuck buying things like dry erase markers with their own limited incomes. Make sure that you know the number of students in the class so that you can get enough for everyone!


6.The Gift of an Organized Classroom




Teachers have so many supplies to keep sorted that added space to put all of this is always necessary! If you walk into your child’s classroom you might notice stacks of books on the floor or old shelves in need of replacement. Everyone likes to be organized, help your teacher do this with this affordable shelving option, made especially for classroom use. At just under $30 you can’t make a teacher’s life easier for less money! This red shelving set is so cute it can even be transported to a teacher’s home if they would rather use it there.


7. Fresh Flowers 


Even fresh flowers can be shipped online now and these Purple Dendrobium Orchids make a great gift. These orchids are long lasting and so soft, their petals like sheets of velvet! The flexibility this flower offers allows you to present them in any way you wish, including a simple arrangement in a lovely vase. Flowers show appreciation and make everyone feel special, if you don’t know that much about your child’s teacher the gift of flowers is sure to delight!


 8. Teacher Tote Bag 



Everyday teachers bring their materials to class in some sort of a bag; I can still recall my own teachers coming to school with their totes stuffed with papers graded at home, pencils, and mystery binders—for things like attendance. You can never have too many bags, they get dirty, worn, and even just boring to look at—every teacher will appreciate this bright and bold bag that perfectly depicts what they do for a living—teach!




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