Friday, May 7th, 2010

Graduation Gifts for Teachers

Is it OK to give teachers a gift at the end of the year? The answer is that it depends entirely upon the circumstances and your relationship with the teacher. In younger grades (elementary school and below), it’s quite common for students to bring their teachers a little token of teacher appreciation at the end of the year. These gifts are usually smaller than teacher Christmas gifts. Some appropriate gifts for teachers might be a craft made by your child, a picture book of some of the best memories from the year, or a drawing which represents one of the most important lessons the child learned. These are great examples of homemade gifts for teachers that don’t have to cost a lot of money, but can still carry a lot of meaning due the inherent message: “teacher, I appreciated the work you did this school year!”

End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for more specific suggestions for gifts to bring a teacher at the end of the year, I recommend reading my post on the best teacher gift ideas, as well as the post on Christmas gifts, since most of those suggestions are perfectly applicable to graduation gifts. In general the only situations where you might want to spend a little more on an end of the year gift for a teacher is:

  1. The teacher is retiring that year – you can bet the gifts from their final year will be treasured that much more!
  2. The teacher really went above and beyond the call of duty in helping out your student. It’s not expected of course, but personally I like to give something nice to say thank you when I feel a teacher has really done a great job, spent a lot of their personal time and money, etc. to help out my child.

Other Sources of Ideas for Graduation Gifts

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