Sunday, November 15th, 2009

About this Site

Welcome! I started this website after realizing that there is a lot of frustration out there regarding gifts for teachers.

woman giving giftFirst, there are the parents: they don’t know the teachers very well, and aren’t quite sure about the etiquette regarding gift-giving at school, but generally mean well and genuinely do want to show appreciation for teachers who go the extra mile to shape their children.

And on the other side there are the teachers: even the most sentimental teacher starts to feel a little less grateful for that “#1 Teacher” plaque, or “Apple for a Teacher” kitsch when he or she has a whole closet full of them at home. Many of these well-intentioned gifts are destined to end up eBay. And who can blame them? Money is tight, and a little extra cash could mean a night out on the town, or replenishing the craft supplies — both much more valuable than another coffee mug!

As a former teacher and a parent, I’ve been on both sides of the teacher gift-giving conundrum. I know how difficult it can be. But I’ve also seen just how much it can mean to a teacher when he or she receives the perfect thoughtful gift that makes them feel like they’re really making a difference in a child’s life– for teachers, that’s what it’s all about! And few things are so tangible a manifestation of appreciation as a considerate gift. I know retired teachers who still regularly go through their box of all the “treasures” they’ve received from students over the years, recalling with pride the many students whose lives they touched.

With this website, my goal is to provide you with great gift ideas for teachers that combine the practicality that teachers very much appreciate and need with the personal touch that will make a gift memorable for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to research giving to teachers, and being kind to our educators! I hope this website will help you in your quest.

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3 Responses

December 15, 2009
Van from the Bronx

Thank you so much for your advice and including the feedback from others. As a parent of a grammar school student. I think the main theme here is to get to know your TEACHERS. This way you can tailor their gifts. Have you thought of expanding the gift giving advice to other school support staff? Such as the lunch coordinator or secretary of the school. What about the other professionals that take care of our children? I would love to hear what other parents do for them.

Last year, I gave the staff gourmet coffee and homemade biscotti. They appreciated the gift so much since it was a nice treat to have in their lunch room. Also, my son’s school try to be green therefore, my personal gifts were green friendly. This year my son’s teachers will received a cool “recycled billboard” bags that fold but holds up to 30lbs. I always seem my teacher lunging stuff in more than one bag.


December 15, 2009

Van — great idea. I haven’t done any specific research into gifts for other school staff, but I did get a few comments (bus driver, librarian), with the general gist of the requests being similar to that of teachers.

Maybe someone else would be willing to provide better suggestions there?

July 18, 2010
Mary Jo Huisman

I am new to this site. Do you collect gift ideas?
I am making a product that I love as a teacher, and think other teachers would also.

Mary Jo Huisman